New Men Increased Casual Lifting Shoes Increased 6.5 cm

Some people may think that this kind of Lifting Shoes that can be increased is very simple. Just buy a booster pad in the 2 yuan store and put it in the shoes. It is New Men Increased Casual Shoes Increased 6.5 cm. The increase in shoes is so simple, the following small series will reveal this kind of shoes that can be increased for everyone.

There are three main types of heightening pads that are bought from the 2 yuan store. Kind: Half pad sponge insole. Second: full pad silicone insole. The third type: full-pad rubber insole. First of all, the half pad sponge insole should be thrown away immediately! According to scientific research, the half pad is not only easy to slide and not fixed in the shoe, but also the half pad will damage the health of the arch. Long-term wear will lead to poor blood circulation and nerve damage, and the sponge insole is easily deformed and collapsed, causing the foot. The part is not on the same level, and it is easy to form an 8-foot or O-leg.

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The full pad silicone insole is healthier than the half pad sponge insole, and the silicone is soft and comfortable to fit the foot, but the silicone insole is extremely breathable and easy to breed bacteria, and the silicone insole is very prone to aging and deformation, which also causes leg shape. harm. The rubber insole is more resistant to deformation than the sponge pad, and is more breathable than the silicone insole. The rubber insole is very heavy, and the insole has extremely high levels of harmful substances, and is not superior in terms of anti-aging and anti-collapse.

The heightening pad bought from the 2 yuan store has a fatal error from the principle of heightening, that is, directly placing the heightening pad into the Lifting Shoes of ordinary shoes, although it is barely increased, but the feet are very crowded in the shoes. Or it is impossible to enter the foot, because this method is to add a booster pad in the ordinary shoes, and the shoe last mold of the ordinary shoe is just a space of a pair of feet, there is no extra space to place the heightening pad, of course, this kind of forced addition of the pad The practice is extremely wrong.

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So, how can the Elevator Shoes be made? At present, the brands that make shoes in China are mainly He Jinchang, Gao Ge, Tian Yu, and Gonny. Xiao Bian takes the Chinese domestic high-shoes industry – He Jinchang as an example to reveal the increase in shoes.

The shoe lasts are different. As for the increase of the Elevator Shoes, the increase in the internal needs is different from the ordinary shoes and must be increased. The common shoes are mainly the three-dimensional space of the human foot, and the shoe lasts need to be built and increased. The space of the high-rise + human foot, without the need for shoes, different yards, and different heights, is the same in all parts of the space, so the shoe lasts are more complicated and costly.

lifting shoes

Among them our brand which has increased its positioning in the market, not only insists on the full-pad polyether material, but also adopts a type and a code segment configuration to increase the height, so that the comfort is improved and the cost is higher. Secondly, we also adopted a scientific increase of 15°. The increased surface adopts a curve that fits the curve of the human foot. The other increased shoes brand adopts a straight line increase, and the comfort is greatly reduced.

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