New Luxury Elevator Shoes Invisible Increase 6.5 cm

On the counter of the mall, a pair of Luxury Elevator Shoes and a pair of flat shoes were placed together. After a long time, they became good friends. Flat shoes help high-end shoes to make up, care, and maintain a glossy face every day. High-top shoes also help to flatten the look of flat shoes every day. Flat shoes and high-soled shoes are like this every day, depending on their destiny.

There are people coming and going in the mall, but no one pays attention to them. Invisible Increase 6.5 cm is tens of times more expensive than flat Luxury Elevator Shoes, so there is a proud, unintentional character in the bones. She sometimes looks down on flat shoes and always feels more beautiful than flat shoes. Flat shoes never care about these, and care for high-end shoes.

Luxury Elevator Shoes

Yes, a gorgeous lady dressed in front of the counter, high-top shoes like it at first glance, I feel that such a lady can deserve her beauty and elegance. The lady put on Elevator Dress Shoes and twisted and twisted in front of the mirror. The high-soled shoes were very excited! The flat shoes looked at the high-soled shoes, and the bloated body of the lady was pressed on it. The slender high-end was about to break off, and it was not coordinated at all. Therefore, the flat shoes quietly persuaded the high-soled shoes to say: inappropriate, or give up. The high-end shoes said angrily: You don’t want to think about it, only my beauty can deserve the nobleness of the lady. Flat shoes did not speak, just silently worried for friends.

Luxury Elevator Shoes

Suddenly, the lady changed her mind and tried on flat shoes. At this time, the Elevator Dress Shoes began to squat and resent the flat shoes, thinking: stinky things, do not know how vulgar they are, but also want to end my fight, really a joke! The flat shoes saw the resentment of the high-end shoes. She didn’t want to lose her friends for herself, nor could she let her suffer. So the flat shoes slammed the feet of the lady, and the lady screamed with pain and smashed the flat shoes. Seeing all this, the high-end shoes are very happy, I thought: flat shoes, take a good look at yourself, this is your good end.

Luxury Elevator Shoes

The lady turned back and chose Elevator Shoes, and the high-end shoes were proud. At this time, flat shoes and persuaded high-soled shoes said: We are not suitable, or give up! High-end shoes sneered and said: You don’t want to be embarrassed, although we are friends, but I am different at the end. The flat shoes did not speak, and they shed tears and said goodbye to friends.

After the lady went home with the high-sole laces, she walked across the red carpet and went to the gorgeous place. This is exactly the same as the Elevator Shoes, she is very satisfied. However, the good times did not last long, only wearing two days of high-end shoes, the lady’s feet swollen very large, painful wow. On the third day, the lady angered the high-top shoes into the box. High-top shoes are crying sadly in the black hole box every day.

Luxury Elevator Shoes

Since the high-soled shoes have gone, the flat shoes are very lonely, and I miss the high-soled shoes every day. Yes, a beautiful and quiet girl came to the counter and gently took the flat shoes down. Flat shoes think the girl is very good and wants to give her her life. And flat shoes are also very much thinking about walking on the road, so it is possible to meet friends who have been separated for a long time. The heart of the flat shoes, the girl also likes flat shoes and brought her home.

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