New Brock Carved Ostrich Pattern Height Increasing Shoes 6.5 CM

In recent years, the number of friends wearing high shoes has increased. As we all know, the important part of increasing shoes is to increase the number of Height Increasing Shoes. The influence of high-rise and high-rise on the increase of shoes is great: whether it will sink, whether it meets the mechanics of the foot, and some enter the low price. The products in the market, low pressure, seriously reduce the quality and comfort of the shoes.

All the weight of the human body is concentrated on both feet, so when you choose 6.5 CM, you should first experience the flexibility and comfort of the upper layer, and secondly consider how to match the clothes, including the color style.

Height Increasing Shoes

How can I choose the right inner Height Increasing Shoes? According to your own preferences or body to choose to increase the shoes: small size, small feet, shoes in the 37-39 should pay attention to the choice of leather shoes, because the heel of the increased shoes, if you buy a little bit of shoes Big, then you can’t wear these shoes, because the heel is increased, you can think about the girl’s high heels, the heel is high, and the possibility of falling is higher? If you choose a tie, you can also add a double pad or tie your shoelace!

Men’s Height Increasing Shoes are chosen according to comfort: according to medical experts, the height is better than 7.5 cm. It is not recommended to wear these high height shoes of 10 cm for a long time. In order to ensure a more comfortable wear, it is appropriate to increase the height of the shoes at 6-7.5 cm! Of course, some customers choose to participate in special ceremony, wedding or venue, according to their own height requirements!

Height Increasing Shoes

It is very important to increase the height of the shoes: most of the high-rise or counterfeit products have poor comfort. The high-rises are not too elastic and too hard to deform the feet. The materials are too bad to wear for a long time. Will be deformed;

It is very important to increase the leather of the Men’s Height Increasing Shoes : because the shoes are increased, the force of the whole shoes is greatly increased in the first half, which means that the upper is very stressed, so it is meaningless to increase the shoes with ordinary leather. The material used for the artificial leather of the upper will be broken in a few days, which is why the shoes are all used for cowhide materials.

Height Increasing Shoes

Pay attention to the cleaning medium of men’s invisible inner shoes for crocodile leather. Never wipe directly with water. Although the crocodile has long lived in the water, it has lacked the vitality of the live crocodile for crocodile leather products. No matter how dirty the surface of the crocodile shoes is, first spray it with a care agent, then wipe the surface of the product with a soft cloth. If you want to maintain your product better, it is recommended to wipe it again with crocodile shoe polish.

The crocodile skin is the same as other leathers. Its leather products can’t be exposed to rain in the long time, and it can’t be exposed to the sun. The daily place should be a ventilated and cool environment. Otherwise, the loss of men’s precious invisible inner shoes will be too great.

Height Increasing Shoes

 Although the crocodile skin is tough, it has a leather, so be careful not to directly collide with sharp objects. Teach you a natural way to maintain crocodile leather products: milk is very common in women’s skin care, and the effect is natural and excellent. But do you know how to use expired milk? It is a good idea to use it to wipe the men’s invisible heightening shoes to clean up the dirt. On the one hand, the expired milk is the natural care of the crocodile leather; on the other hand, it makes full use of the waste and realizes its more value. Pay more attention to the various maintenance and attention methods mentioned above, and then carefully and carefully care, you will feel more love for your own crocodile leather products!

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