Men’s Increased Business Shoes Breathable Height Increasing Sandals 6.0 cm

The Height Increasing Sandals from the “sneak bottom” to the stage on the stage, after several developments, the market is getting bigger and bigger. There are three main trends in the current shoe market. From the point of view of comfort, some of the brand-name or counterfeit shoes are often less comfortable, and the inferior quality is used to increase the height. The contact surface with the foot has no design sense. The tool is cut straight and the foot is forwarded. Rushing, very uncomfortable, wearing a long time is also easy to cause deformation and damage to the foot. This situation has been more serious before, and there are still there.

The Convenient Casual Sandals 6.0 cm, which is focused on the development of internal high-rises, is designed according to the human foot structure and the mechanics of walking, and fits the curve of the human arch to make the foot affected. Uniform force, no distortion, so wear to ensure comfort. The market is always a big wave of sand, and the uncomfortable internal Height Increasing Sandals are generally eliminated first. It is the beginning of the decline to rely on the raw materials to make a fuss to compress the cost and to delay the low price.

Height Increasing Sandals

┬áMost of the internal heightening shoes are very user-friendly. “You can’t let people know that I am wearing an internal Elevator Sneakers.” Therefore, in terms of design, the current high-end shoes never forget to pursue a “hidden” word, the production process should be clever, always try to figure out, compare ordinary shoes, and look like ordinary shoes close together. In addition to the core components, from the various details, it is also a matter of increasing the “hidden” word. The package hides the word “increasing”. You don’t have to worry about being shouted by your colleague after the receipt of the goods. “Your internal heightening shoes are here.” The cloth label on the insole does not increase the information, so you don’t have to worry about taking the foot off the shoes and revealing the secret.

Height Increasing Sandals

In many people’s imaginations, most of the customers who buy Elevator Sneakers should be short, but in recent years, it has been surprising that customers are mainly concentrated between 1.65 meters and 1.72 meters, which is not short. The proportion of customers below 1.60 meters is not large. Moreover, one of the highlights is that more than 1.75 meters of “high” to buy the inner shoes is more and more trend.

Height Increasing Sandals

The upper is made of cool and sleek one-piece knit elastic fabric and warm and delicate soft leather stitching. The shape is very fashionable. The elastic buckle strap is used to avoid the knotting and knotting. It can be fastened by one pull and easy to move. Rubber foam bottom It greatly reduces the weight of the shoes, and the elasticity is good, which effectively relieves the fatigue of the feet, makes walking easier and more enjoyable; the ventilation inside the mesh is not stuffy, and the movement is worry-free.

Height Increasing Sandals

The whole shoe is light, suitable for sports, the feet are lighter and more comfortable; the sports shoes are specially equipped with an air bag outsole, which has good elasticity and toughness, good cushioning, dispersing pressure and protecting the sole of the foot; at the same time, the tooth pattern is deep, the ground is stable, and the slip is slippery. Good, resistance to wear and tear; the current popular computer integrated molding flying woven upper, with soft dough fashion stitching, layered, beautiful and durable; shoe elastic cloth, good flexibility, easy to wear and wear, foot foot protection; heel leather Sticking, anti-wear deformation, and can create visual illusion, have better invisible effect.

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