Leather Increased Sneakers Invisible Height Increasing Shoes 8cm

Why do men wear Leather Increased Sneakers Invisible Height Increase Men’s Height Increasing Shoes 8cm? It is said that women are unreasonable animals. Men from ancient times to the present have not understood how women are beautiful, they need money to get a house, and men have height! It is really poor and rich, no matter how old or left, a certain standard of mate selection for height is strikingly consistent. Woman, the pursuit of his man’s height is so unwavering, if a short boyfriend, you must come to God to help increase the men’s 8cm! Why it is like this?

Zoologists and physiologists say that there is no him! Food color too! Women are also greedy, even more serious than men. Geneticists and sociologists say that women are more inclined to choose a tall man to be a partner, and are thinking about future generations! It seems that a woman is inexplicably thinking that when she grows tall, she is in good health and her genetics in all aspects will be better. Maybe right, but the following two statements are more acceptable:

Height Increasing Shoes

One way of thinking is that a woman’s vanity, which is indelible, is at odds, and a tall and handsome boyfriend will increase her face. In countless historical legends and love stories, women are more likely to fall in love with taller boyfriends than to fall in love with talented people. Because of the concept of a man’s tall woman, the petty concept is deeply rooted. This is not a fairy tale, the prince inside is not tall and handsome.

The image of the prince represents the image of a beloved man, which has long been deeply imprinted on the level of women’s consciousness. So it is easy to lead to a kind of cognition – standing side by side with the short boyfriend or walking along the road, it is very faceless! This kind of consciousness is a very common existence in the world of women. Not only do you think that others think so, but you always feel that others will see themselves like this. Because of vanity, women pay special attention to other people’s evaluations. If they feel that others will make a negative evaluation of their boyfriend’s height, it will be fatal, to eliminate this worrying bad influence, increase the Height Increasing Shoes men’s style. 8cm is expected to come!

Height Increasing Shoes

Another way of thinking is that it is also because of the woman’s psychological decision, but not vanity, but the “safety demand” mentality in Maslow’s demand level, because women often feel that tall men are more dependent. This kind of demand is listed as the first consideration factor from the “survival demand” from the time of human ancestors. In the Paleolithic era, the survival and security are supported by strength, and the opportunities are great.

To be safe to live, find a strong and strong man to bear the brunt! It is said that this demand will form a psychological inertia in the long history. In modern times, when a woman is hurt, her first thought is to find a man to provide protection and give her a sense of security. And this “conditional” standing in front of her to protect her man, the woman subconsciously determined that it should not be a short, on this level of demand, even if this man has a pair of Elevator Shoes, 8cm, women have to commit and if there is not even a pair of high-lift shoes for men’s 8cm, it is estimated that it will not be considered in the first batch.

Height Increasing Shoes

In any case, after all, it is generally easier for a tall man to get more women’s favors. As a man, if you are not tall enough, you can try to cultivate strong talents or acquired qualities to attract women and neglect their requirements for height. But don’t forget that men’s “altitude” is high. Men’s temperament, only to match the woman can also protect, give women a sense of sense and dependence, men, or first increase the Elevator Shoes men’s 8cm with good.

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