New Thick-soled Ultra-light Casual Elevator Shoes Sneakers 6.5 cm

A thick-bottomed and extra-thick air cushion can be worn under any shoes, whether it is 6.5 cm or a little lace-up leather Elevator Shoes Sneakers, taking care of the men who are not tall enough. The choice of wear for occasions. The increase in air-cushioned sneakers is about 3 cm, while Prada and Stella Mccartney and other shoes with solid and thick soles have a decent low-key 4-5 centimeters. A sultry style like Gucci offers a 7 cm platform with a thick layer of cake, allowing men to easily breathe the upper air and wear it up to one meter.

The externally placed platform can only be taken occasionally. After all, it looks very cumbersome and wants to be covered, and a hidden variant of “high heels” is a great internal increase. The shoes with their own height increase are too small, usually Elevator Shoes Sneakers, and the more convenient is the detachable inner heightening insole.

Elevator Shoes Sneakers

Years ago, a male star’s “Puma Boots” was ridiculed and even let him take off his Elevator Sneakers on the show. But in fact, a near-open secret in the circle is: when the male star is in the shoes, the shoes are generally There are internal heightening pads. The men around you may have secretly put a half-pad in the shoes.

The market can buy portable invisible heights ranging from 2 – 5 cm, and some can be glued to the sole. The new generation can also be worn directly in socks and become part of the body.

Elevator Shoes Sneakers

The Elevator Sneakers that match the height increase are also very particular: shallow shoes can’t fit a brick, and the height of 3 cm is the limit; the styles of high-top sneakers and Chelsea boots will be higher with the increase in the thick bottom – which is why No matter where you go, always the same “treasure boots” is particularly easy to doubt the water of the height.

In addition to the height of the height, it can be added to the top of the head. A towering hat can also visually increase the altitude instantly, which is more eye-catching than the “enhanced hairstyle” effect that is blown out. Therefore, a high hat is also a standard on many high-star stage, such as the official height of 1.65 meters of Mars.

Elevator Shoes Sneakers

Ordinary baseball caps, cashmere caps and berets have a limited effect, and the height of the cap is the key, such as a Panama hat, a top hat, or a “buffalo cap” that has been repeatedly loaded by Fischer Dong, who is 1.75 cm tall. The increase can reach 10 cm. However, such overly dramatic accessories will be broken when the room is picked up. Men with large heads should also take it with caution.

“Long shirts are short” and “small feet pants are long.” You must have heard a lot of advice on how to “high”, but the actual situation is this: the height of wearing may be downright fashion metaphysics. For example, the fashion icon of the last century, the Duke of Windsor, in many cases always wear a long double-breasted suit with loose big-leg pants, but you can see that he is one or two centimeters away from 1 meter 7?

Elevator Shoes Sneakers

The waistline is the secret. In the previous article, we discussed the phenomenon that Chinese men generally have short legs. It is because East Asians have long waists and the length of their legs and neck is squeezed within the same height. Therefore, the short top with the small trousers to wear, but will further lengthen the waist line, is a suicide style.